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Disc Brake Lock

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Color – Grey

The Disc Brake lock is made of the finest grade heat-treated stainless steel along with an anti-slip nylon cover to ensure its dust-proof, water-proof, drill-resistant, hammer-resistant, and saw-resistant nature with thick security heavy-duty chain links. This bike lock is made of heavy-duty link lock known for its cut resistance.

Lubricate the bike chain lock hole and keyhole regularly, this will prolong
the lock's service time and it comes with 2 keys, so that you will have a spare
key if you loose one key.

Product Features : 

  • Material : solid cast of steel, zinc and alloy
  • Against Versatile Key: The Internal construction of the lock has been innovated and modified from the usual ball to special multiple layers which prevent it from being unlocked by a versatile key.
  • Against Saw: Hardened steel shackles cannot be cut by a saw.
  • Avoid being prised: The Lock contains a very strong hard Arstreel ball to pin the shackle and so it cannot be prised by force.
  • Against Drill : Hard lock shaft cover guards against Drill.
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Disc Brake Lock
Disc Brake Lock