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Moto Care Chain Lubricant

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Moto Care Chain Lubricant is suitable for all types of motorcycle and quad chain.

Including O-RING, X-RING and Z-RING. Excellent penetration and adhesion.

Lubricates the whole chain, leaving a protective and durable layer against rust, water and friction even at high speed.

Increased adhesion extends the life of chains and sprockets.

360 degree action - equipped with a special nozzle and ball valve which allows it to work in every position.

How To Use : 

  • Clean and de-grease the chain thoroughly. For best results use a chain cleaner.
  • Shake the container well.
  • Spray evenly on the whole length of the chain from a distance of about 15 cm.
  • Any excess must be removed.
  • Allow the chain to dry before use.
  • Repeat the lubrication procedure at regular intervals.

Capacity : 220ml

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Moto Care Chain Lubricant
Moto Care Chain Lubricant
Moto Care Chain Lubricant
Moto Care Chain Lubricant