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Trips Odyssey Bike Hand Guard With LED Light Turn Signal Indicator

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Color – Orange

Trips Odyssey bike hand guard with LED light turn signal indicator works wonders to not only protect your hands from the cold but also protect your hands from injury and increase your visibility to other vehicles on the road. A good quality hand guard protects your hands in the event of a minor accident on the road. The hand guard with LED functions in exactly this way.

Ergonomic Features : 

  • Ensures your controls stay intact
  • Protects your hands from cold and small debris. Also from brushes against plants or branched protruding off the pavement and on off-roads
  • Blocks wind from hands
  • Reduces drag due to its aerodynamically engineered design
  • Choose up to 2 color variations depending on your style
  • Prevents bugs from sticking to your hands or gloves while riding.
  • Keep on coming traffic well aware of you as the LED provides additional visibility.
  • Integrate your indicators into these LEDs.
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