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TVS Racing

TVS Racing Primus Double Visor Helmet

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"TVS has always upheld the highest standards when dealing with the quality of their products. This is a benchmark that has no compromise. The latest product to bear this mark of quality is the TVS XPOD, a line of premium helmets. These ISI & DOT certified helmets are designed to withstand high impacts and offer the greatest level of protection to the rider. As is the case with any product offering by TVS, the boundaries of functionality are pushed. With the XPOD, it's not just about safety. The helmets are equipped with an array of state-of-the-art features to enhance the experience of riding and make it truly premium."

Features : 

  • Construction
    • Constructed from high-quality Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) material for higher impact absorption.
    • Long-lasting international polyurethane paint finish for protection from UV radiation.
  • Safety
    • ISI & DOT Certified
    • Premium, ECE-grade Visor that’s crash-tested for enhanced protection on the track.
    • A watertight visor interface for safety in wet and rainy conditions.
    • An ultra-wide visor for a larger field of vision to navigate blind spots and corners easily.
Key Features : 
    • Easily detachable visor for customised comfort and flexibility
    • A large top vent at the front with an accessible switch for easy, single-handed operation.
    • Plush interiors made of Lycra with breathable padding & superior cheek for extra comfort.
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